Hello! My name is Melanie Schmidt and I am the owner of Food 4 Thought. I’m a Health and Well-being Coach for moms who feel overwhelmed with meeting everyone else’s needs and desires. Moms that feel low on energy and like they’ve lost their spark; reaching for unhealthy food to suppress these feelings and get a quick energy fix. I provide simple tangible steps to weave into their day that can naturally increase energy (i.e. simple healthy food swaps, fast ways to consume plants, etc), techniques that support more deeper self awareness in order to build belief in self so they can live a life with more energy and greater joy.    
My own continued journey to finding a healthy and more holistic lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges one encounters, especially as a mom. This enables me to meet clients where there are and bring real life tangible tools, a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding

Active Coaching

As a Board Certified Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner; my experience, education and training supports my approach – guiding the processes of building belief, power of appreciation, tangible steps and methods in order for you to grab ahold of your wellness goals.

Meet Melanie

Melanie Schmidt

Certified Health Coach

Melanie Schmidt is a Certified Health Coach (from IIN and AAP) and mom of 3 small children that is passionate about supporting and empowering women in achieving a healthy lifestyle that fosters joy, presence, energy and optimal physical and emotional health. Melanie believes that incorporating more whole foods, physical activity, practicing simple mindfulness techniques and doing what gives us joy can be foundational to our health and wellbeing.

As a mom of 3 small children, Melanie understands the demands of family life, career, making regular healthy meals, weaving in self care, along with the daily challenge to create life balance. These reasons and challenges are why Melanie is passionate about supporting and partnering with women at any life stage to support them in meeting personal and family wellness lifestyle goals. 

Melanie practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that she looks at how all areas of a client’s life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationships cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? Does the busyness of running kids to activities reduce our connection to our family?

The goal is to identify where a you are at together so that you and Melanie can then focus on how all components of your life affect your health as a whole and then work to find simple solutions to enhance your health and wellbeing.