Food 4 Thought

November 1st

Planksgiving Challenge!

A daily challenge of planking and increasing strength all throughout the month of November. Join here!


November 5th

I am super excited to start November’s Shred! It is my fifth one in a row and I have built so many healthy habits and continue to reap benefits such as better sleep, better digestion, more energy and some weight loss! Join ME!
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November 10th

Toss Out the Rice Cereal and Make Brain Building Baby Food!

Location: Natural Grocers, Clive Iowa

Time: 10:00am

Description: The brain develops the quickest between conception and age 3. Fats make up 60% of the brain & nerves that run every system in the body, Melanie will talk about the need for foods that build brain heath (in and out of womb), touch upon key milestones for when and what types of foods are good to introduce to that promote healthy cognitive development, share recipe ideas and more!



November 29th

Healthy Holiday Treats

Location: Natural Grocers, Clive Iowa

Time: 6:30pm

Description: This time of the year can be challenging. We are under more stress & surrounded by sugary/comfort foods. A key to managing the holidays is to fuel our bodies with healthier foods & to implement simple de-stressing techniques. Come and learn about simple food swaps and healthy recipes for the holiday season. Melanie will demonstrate how to make Peanut Butter Chocolate Bombs and a few other treats you can taste test!




December 4th

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