Prenatal & Postpartum Health

Melanie provides a sacred space for expectant moms and new moms (of 1 child or multiple children) to speak their truth and feelings. Preconception, Pregnancy, and Motherhood can be emotional and intense stages of life; full of love and added responsibility which can be fulfilling and overwhelming at the same time. Connection, community, stress relief, healthy food and self care are such essentials to our wellbeing in life and especially critical in these stages.

Melanie would love to speak with you and share what has worked well for her along with applying her training to support you on your journey.     

As moms, we need to take care of ourselves so that we have the energy and health to care for others. A Prenatal and Postpartum Health Consultation includes devoting 1 hour to you (with a 30 minute follow up). We will focus on simple steps to support you in attaining your and your family's health goals. This may include simple meal/snack recipe ideas to prep, and/or providing tips on certain foods/nutrients that can support more energy, cognitive development for baby, natural health solutions, simple techniques to weave into a daily routine for stress relief/emotional health and much more! Additionally, each client will receive a booklet outlining the discussion, simple steps , techniques, and recommendations.  

Community and support afterwards will be available through a private Facebook Group.

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"Melanie was a huge help with my second pregnancy! I needed to be on a low carb low sugar diet. Her knowledge and expertise helped me achieve this. Not only did she help me but she walked this journey with me! She was always available and answered all my questions, snack ideas, meal planning, ect. She often would check in with me just to see how I was doing! I could not have done it without her knowledge and support! Such a lovely person with a wealth of knowledge!!   Jaimie, Prenatal Client

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Children's Health

Are you challenged with getting in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into your child's diet?

Did you know that a baby's digestive system is not built to consume rice cereal as one of his/her first foods,?

Are you running out of simple meal and snack recipes that your family loves?  There are so many strategies to support our children's health and Melanie would love to partner to find the easiest and best solutions for your family!

Babies, Toddlers and young children require a significant amount of healthy fats in their diet to support vision health and cognitive development.

Older children require healthy fats, fruits and vegetables for cognitive development, focus, learning, overall growth/development, and athletic performance.

Melanie loves sharing easy food swaps to get in more healthy whole foods into children. Melanie offers classes, family consultations, online support and Juice Plus+.