Something’s Fishy…

For many years I had a deep understanding that Omega 3’s were not only an essential fatty acid, but also extremely essential to my overall health and well-being; to reduce inflammation, improve focus, mood and so much more.  Every time I turned around, a medical professional was recommending that I consume Fish Oil, so I did.  As I have done more research, I discovered that there are many other essential fatty acids (meaning Omegas that my body cannot make but requires to function) that are just as important. All of which are sourced from plants. Additionally, I dug into learning more about Fish Oil, its sustainability and the additional benefits of the other Omegas. Be on the lookout for a future post on those other essential Omegas; but what I learned about how fish oil is made is what really woke me up.

  1. It takes 3-4lbs of fish to produce 1 oz of fish oil.
  2. If you consume fish for your fish oil requirements (vs. supplementation), then you need to consume the skin also as that is where the bulk of the Omegas reside.
  3. In order to extract fish oil, the temperature must be 200 degrees. When oils get at high temperatures such as that, the oil will become rancid.
  4. To seal a fish oil capsule, it also needs to be heated to fuse together, which also cause the oil to become rancid
  5. Fish get their Omega 3 by consuming the true source, Algae.
  6. 90% of Fish beds are fished out.
  7. The chain, Whole Foods, has banned selling Krill Oil due to sustainability issues.
  8. 5 Trillion Fish are caught each year of which approximately 2 trillion are killed and discarded; approximately 600,000 whales, porpoises, and dolphins are killed by getting accidentally caught in the nets and half of the fish caught are used to make Fish Oil and Fish Meal

WOW! What it takes to even produce fish oil and the sustainability of that process is extremely shocking to me. From a food source perspective, I believe that getting nutrients from the source is so much more powerful and beneficial to our bodies. From a sustainability perspective, after learning all of this, I decided that I could no longer sit back and be part of the problem.

I encourage all of my clients to do their own research and to be aware of how their supplements and food are made. While perfection is not realistic, being aware and then choosing based upon that knowledge cannot only support our health but also the health of our planet for future generations and species.

For more information on what I consume daily, please check out the below video and my website.

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Melanie Schmidt is a Certified Health Coach (from IIN and AAP) and mom of 3 small children that is passionate about supporting and empowering women in achieving a healthy lifestyle that fosters joy, presence, energy and optimal physical and emotional health. Melanie believes that incorporating more whole foods, physical activity, practicing simple mindfulness techniques and doing what gives us joy can be foundational to our health and wellbeing.  As a mom of 3 small children, Melanie understands the demands of family life, career, making regular healthy meals, weaving in self care, along with the daily challenge to create life balance. These reasons and challenges are why Melanie is passionate about supporting and partnering with women at any life stage to support them in meeting personal and family wellness lifestyle goals.

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