Women's Wellness

Wellness Partnership

I am a Health and Well-being Coach for moms who feel overwhelmed with meeting everyone else's needs and desires. Moms that feel low on energy and like they've lost their spark; reaching for unhealthy food to suppress these feelings and get a quick energy fix. I provide simple tangible steps to weave into their day that can naturally increase energy (I.e. simple healthy food swaps, fast ways to consume plants, etc), techniques that support more deeper self awareness in order to build belief in self so they can live a life with more energy and greater joy.

Carve out an hour of time for yourself in a sacred space to speak your truth. Partner together to move towards your desires and goals. This time is designated specifically for you to build your beliefs, pull in applicable healthy habits (physical, emotional, etc) and establish consistency that will support you in moving towards your desires and goals.

This can be a one-time session to work through a specific block or challenge that you are experiencing or we can partner for a series of sessions over a 2+ month period to dig deeper and establish a positive ongoing pattern.

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When we take care of ourselves, we are able to better care for others.